Developmental Camp

Our 2018 Sessions Have Ended. 

Be Sure to Check Back in Late February or Early March for our 2019 dates.

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             Camp will be held at West Stokes High School in King, NC 
Only 20 Minutes from 

             Only Serious Players Should Apply

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Multiple Camp Discount--Receive a $ 25 discount if you attend both camps!

Every camper will receive concentrated individual instruction on fundamentals such as:

  • Shooting
  • Ball handling
  • Passing
  • Man to Man Defense
  • Mental development & confidence
  • Stationary offensive moves 
  • Dribble moves
  • Shooting 
  • Quickness & agility
  • Improving shooting range 
  • Moving without the ball
  • Playing the game faster


Four Reasons Why This Camp Is Different
  1. This camp is only about fundamentals. Each camper will be taught the fundamentals necessary to become a basketball player. The game will be broken down into the basic tenets that players must acquire to become a better player.

  2. This camp is like being in practice with Coach Spainhour. It is a no frills camp with quality instruction. Only players who are committed to being a high level basketball player should attend.

  3. We teach confidence. So much of being a good basketball player is confidence. Along with the physical aspects of being a good player we will also teach the mental aspects. We will help each camper develop a mindset of confidence and teach them how to develop “the next play” mentality.

  4. Basketball players are made; not born. Each camper will be taught specific drills they can easily do that will improve and make them a better player.

About The Developmental Camp

The East Coast Basketball Developmental Camp is designed for each participant to learn the proper techniques to become an outstanding basketball player. This camp focuses only on the fundamentals of basketball. Coach Spainhour and his highly-qualified staff will conduct an intensive experience designed to provide each camper with the optimum opportunity to become an improved basketball player.

"I truly believe that everyone with the proper fundamentals and practice habits can become a good basketball player. That's what this camp is about; giving youngsters the opportunity to learn the proper techniques and practice habits required to become a better player. This week is like being a member of our team. We put you through practices designed to make you better"

--Coach Dan Spainhour

Camp Features

  • Detailed fundamental instruction

  • Every camper will receive a fundamental booklet and workout program to use after the week is over

  • Every camper will receive a shooting camp t-shirt

  • Competitive fundamental contests

  • Every camper will be given fundamentals, techniques and drills necessary to improve