Hall Of Champions

Each day campers have the opportunity to set a camp record in various fundamental activities. Any camper that breaks a record goes into the ECBC Hall of Champions and will stay inducted as long as their record stands. 

Fundamental Activity      
Lane Slides                      
Chelsea Beamer 7/11/06; Hannah Wood 7/13/07--28
Andrew Parrish 7/12/06; Cole Greene 7/13/06--30

Consecutive Free Throws
Brenna Mickey 7/15/04--20
Spencer Hensley--6/13/12--44

Consecutive Jump Shots
Emily Worley 6/25/09--72
Eli Boles 6/24/11--138

3 Pointers (1 Minute)
Kayla Mitchell  6/30/03--11
Alston Furr  6/27/08--15

Chippy Drill (Girls)
Stephanie Mitchell & Alley Matthews 7/12/06--25
Hannah Wood & Alley Matthews 7/13/07--25
Chyanne Fresch & Sarah Stone 6/26/14--25

Chippy Drill (Boys)
Matthew Cothran & Andrew Spainhour 6/15/12--33

Coed Chippy Drill
Chyanne Fresch & Aaron Muse 6/26/14--29
Sydney Cockerham & Isaac Spainhour 6/23/16--29

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